Optoro, eBay team up to Help Merchants Resell Returns, Committee participation is an RLA membership benefit. January 8, 2015 Greenstar Supplying French Bottling Firm with Recycled PET. There has never been an opportunity like this for 3PSPs to sit down face-to-face with the key outsourcing decision makers from the major OEMs and Branded Companies. During SMC³'s Jump Start 2018 in Atlanta, he told the audience that the costs associated with returns can equal around 10 percent of the original retail price of the item. Committee members meet virtually, once a month to share best practices, issues, solutions, and business opportunities within specific topics involving the reverse logistics industry. Reverse Logistics Association Conference. Looking forward to a great meeting, sharing ideas, and the opportunity to interface with partners across the supply chain! Third Party Service Providers (3PSPs) will be exhibiting their Reverse Logistics services & solutions at the Reverse Logistics Conference & Expo in Las Vegas.. At the RLA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, the focus of 3PSPs will be to help OEMs, Retailers & Branded companies become … Everyone now has access to the relevant and remarkable content that was shared. A 3 days trade show, Reverse Logistics Associations Conference & Expo Las Vegas is going to be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 06 Feb 2018 to 08 Feb 2018 focusing on Logistics & Transportation product categories. February 11, 2009. Feb 04 - Feb 06, 2020. The RLA Conference and Expo, organized by Reverse Logistics Magazine, is an annual event that brings together a wide range of international attendees. Reverse Logistics Association plans multiple events