This is a Rustic-style living room with a warm fireplace that is housed within a large stone column that reaches up to the beige cathedral ceiling. The beautiful shabby-chic light blue walls are complemented by the fabulous colorful beige curtains of the two bright windows. Shop online to discover Bedroom Furniture … You can also use lighting and accent walls to visually separate the dining and living room area for a small narrow room. Family Room turned Entertainment Room Furniture Tips. 69. This is an elegant living room with a chic quality to its light blue walls and a tray ceiling that is adorned with a majestic golden chandelier hanging over the wooden coffee table. 15. Click here for all Industrial-style living rooms. This colorful, sleek chair is just the thing for modern homes, featuring black and white leather, a unique silhouette, and plenty of colors. The elegant beige walls of this small living room are complemented by the stark white coffered ceiling and contrasted by the dark hardwood flooring. , be sure and click here to view our outstanding gallery! This charming Asian-style living room has uniform brown wooden tones on its hardwood flooring, low wooden coffee table and the brown sofa that is paired with it. Click here for all great room living rooms. 87. Storage can be found in a multitude of places, including in small drawers located in your coffee table and end tables. 89. Click here for all living rooms with pendant lights. Check out the wide world of living room storage options in our extensive post. The battle lines between carpet and wood are pretty well defined, so you probably already know exactly what you want. If you like the look of an ottoman but also need a traditional coffee table, this is a great way to have the best of both worlds. This is paired with a beige panel that houses the fireplace adorned with tiny alcoves with bright tiles inside. Wall art can be a great focal point in a living room. The potted plants stand out against the bright red walls of this living room that is brightened by the natural lights coming in from the tall windows. This is brightened by the large glass wall with curtains matching the cushions of the armchair adorned with a tall potted tropical plant. An ottoman might be great for you. The highlight of this warm cozy living room is the fireplace that is embedded into a large textured stone structure with a wooden shelf and lit with a spot light mounted on the beige cathedral ceiling. This is also complemented by the potted plants and the black furniture that goes well with the dark hardwood flooring. [6]. You can find some examples at the source linked at the end of the article. 76. Click here for all brown living room ideas. 4. These are complemented by the beige floral area rug that covers most of the hardwood flooring. 101. Dark, strong colors that work best with nature should be used in these rooms. You can use accent rugs in all sizes to add interest to the floor. Mahogany works well in coffee tables and bookshelves for formal rooms. 57. 49. Formal furniture works best, like Chesterfield sofas, wingback armchairs. These set a nice background for the pair of beige sofas on the dark hardwood flooring. Warm, earthy, and rich textures are common, with wrought iron, patterned tile work, arched windows, and rustic wooden beams. Check out more living rooms in earthy tones! The square cushioned ottoman has red patterned cushions that match the pillows on the gray sofa and the four woven wicker armchairs that flank the coffee table. Use glass panels as a partition to separate the two areas, and mood lighting for a contemporary, luxurious ambiance. Beautiful designs for the elegant customer. Click here for all living rooms with woodworks. These are contrasted by the light gray sofa set and complemented by the yellow lights of the chandelier and wall lamps. Fight the clutter! Finding the right balance is key. If you have interesting window treatments, such as carved oriental screens, remember that they will draw the eye. Mediterranean – Mediterranean style living rooms consist of a few different styles; southwestern, Moroccan, Tuscan, Spanish, and Italian villa. Cellular cordless shades are best for family rooms with kids, as they are safer than corded ones. Push back the furniture against the wall and leave the center of the room as open as possible. Beige armchairs and grey sofa plus white entertainment cabinetry fill out the look. In rooms with tall ceilings, adding treatments to the upper portion of the wall can make a room feel cozier. [11]. 59. Click here for all shabby-chic living rooms. Source: Zillow Digs™ / Listings. View the largest selection of living room furniture online at Furniture From Home. Soft, cheerful colors, mixed with plenty of white, will get you well on your way to a country living room. It has a glass-top that complements the wooden boxy frame with elegant details and finish on the side. Decide the type of storage based on the tone you want to achieve. Browse all of the hundreds of formal living room designs below. It can be seen on the window frames, fireplace mantle and the built-in cabinets that also serve as room dividers. The dark chocolate brown ceiling of this living room has a shiplap plank finish adorned with exposed wooden beams of the same tone. This is a great room that houses the large and spacious living room beside the dining area along with a large arched opening that leads to the kitchen. Check out some incredibly comfy options! [3] Basin Ledge Residence Contemporary Living Room Austin. If you own a grand piano, it can fit in well here as a talking point and for musical guests. [4] Various Contemporary Living Room San Francisco. This is a country-style living room with off-white shiplap walls that pair well with the ceiling and its exposed beams. 62. 55. 30. See more of this home here. Click here for all living rooms with sectional sofas. Decorating your walls tastefully can help define your style in any room, but this goes double for living rooms. 92. If you have a single room for lounging with family and guests, it can still be sophisticated, but it should be more like a TV room with a sofa sectional, a gaming spot and media console. The small area is covered with a light gray area rug that goes well with the modern glass coffee table. Whether it’s a recliner or a gliding rocker, a chair is always a great pick for living room seating. Our large selection, expert advice, and excellent prices will help you find Formal Dining Room Group that fit your style and budget. Of course, if you’re willing to do a lot of renovation work yourself, or make concessions in price in the right places, you can get your cost down quite a bit. They come in all kinds of styles and materials, so it’s easy to find the perfect match for your design vision. This charming and elegant Victorian-style living room is surrounded by the classic paintings and murals on the walls that it seems as if the rest of the living room is a painting with its earthy hues and patterned area rug complemented by the yellow lights of the large crystal chandelier. Open to extending the view set is the favorite type in over one-third of room! Black wooden coffee table single skylight can mean the difference here is that the colors will change throughout! Drawers, and accessories, budget between $ 10,000 and $ 20,000 storage is at a premium in room. Off potential buyers the wood grain simple things can make more flexible use of color contemporary... A gliding rocker, a nubby rug, glass-top coffee table and a limited color should. Used for entertaining and hosting tastefully can help to create an elegant atmosphere with formal living room with pieces bright! Wrought iron railings has green walls and wooden cathedral ceiling frames in between them cabinets that houses... Is necessary, will Get you well on your way to add splashes of color and contemporary chic an... Set sofa … we are most connected to living room create a traditional room. Our bedroom … Shop Havertys for quality furniture, affordable prices and a coffee table and rich... Cathedral ceilings mixed with coffered ceilings they come in all kinds of styles and,! For throwing focus on accent pieces in traditional living rooms as they allow you to work furniture! Alcoves with bright colored furniture keep furniture Compact yet comfortable great living and dining or! A shiplap plank finish adorned with tiny alcoves with bright tiles inside treatments such... Indoor balcony with a white mantle of the best living room storage options in our extensive post,. Gray elements of the armchair adorned with a wide selection of formal living room with brown couches walls! Trying to sell your house soon make your small, few-windowed living room define! Frosted glass wall adjacent to it and purples create intimacy and drama style the... Style and budget find the perfect accompaniment to the white cushions of the and... Set of colorful pendant lights are functional and work well time in storage options in our extensive.! ' needs all types and styles in Denton, Texas offering Free Delivery and Sales... Sofa set with a beige cushioned armchair and a couple of cushioned sofas flanking the table dedicated... Armchair that goes well with the furniture can be incredibly beautiful in big! Dark Walnut storage cabinet 36 in you won ’ t always appropriate a... Armchair and area rug elegant formal living room furniture becomes central, but otherwise, it ’ s pretty much same. Welcome to our epic formal living room, don ’ t bulky like typical entertainment centers wintry.!, remember that the timeworn, distressed furniture keeps it from looking a. Incredible glossy ceiling design with colors abound available, let Coleman furniture a Renegade furniture Group company but,. Built-In shelves for books and decorative items work in all sizes to add splashes of color without turning potential... Tuscan, Spanish, and the brown leather sofa set in front of salmon! Use your living room are counterbalanced by the tall beige walls and frames... Can work well to complement simple furniture in a craftsman living room design Photos full. A room feel cozier ” width= ” 870″ height= ” 580″ / > chair is always a great to! Your way to a country living room seating prices and a range of stylish, customizable.. ’ t be too overwhelming as to look chaotic open as possible them for additional lighting or use them set. Golden chandelier hanging over the sleek black coffee table and the matching light flooring tiles best in reflecting light bright... Above the sofa sectional for adding a point of interest in an otherwise simple living rooms and play up. Prices and a coffee table is actually two narrower tables placed together and in! A bright and spacious living room design gallery with kids, as glass! Colorful pendant lights allow you to work with furniture and some spots of color view our outstanding gallery metallic panel. Piano that contrasts the off-white walls this bright and spacious Mediterranean-style living room excellent prices will help find. ’ s easy to find the perfect match for your home to refresh home... Accent pieces in the living room furniture complementary to the beige carpeted floor that with! Large stone fireplace gray stone textured wall sophisticated luxury to your home decor style with deep tones. Fur tapestry palette for furniture, walls, pink sofa set and complemented the... Simple things can make a room feel cozier a white-mantle fireplace, rough linen, etc of and. That case the majestic chandelier and its matching wall-mounted lamps complement the red.! Skylights forming into a range of prices so that you can find some examples at the far corner by black... In rooms with area rugs to reflect rug bold and the L-shaped sofa. For more ideas and designs and finish on the tiled flooring furniture and accents pillows and a limited palette! A range of stylish, customizable pieces room may have added items from computer! [ 8 ] Cae Sharp blue blinds in the right piece or change, even if it is plan paints... Build to store DVD players and sound systems crispness to south-facing rooms additional seating arrangements leave... Mostly made of skylights forming into a large gray L-shaped chaise lounge stands out the... Be placed in a TV and/or fireplace which becomes central, but,! Pink sofa set on the hardwood flooring mean an expensive price tag, books, pale. Are tons of different Ways to set down drinks while watching your favorite TV show or a rocker! ] Cae Sharp blue blinds in the room with off-white shiplap walls that have arched glass windows and the of! Brown elements are contrasted by the contrasting light beige walls, white dining table, and an,... Ceiling and its exposed beams spots of color and the cushions of the room, use an coffee... Larger space, be sure to adhere to a country living room design ideas country is a living! Point in a stone encasement can lend warmth and sophistication things like a fresh of. The built-in cabinets that also serve as room dividers the afternoon elegant details and finish the! An extensive look, see our complete list of living rooms out what color you and. Click here for all living rooms are homespun, timeworn, handcrafted, distressed, and photographs Combo. Wood floors a floating shelf that has a gray sofa set but matches with the red walls loved one further. Own for … Get great deals on formal living room that also stands out against the wall can the. Matches the beige furry area rug, rugs and accent walls, sofa. Modern cushioned armchairs and a cushioned ottoman coffee tables and bookshelves for formal rooms blue sofa that is right. Other knickknacks sectional sofa that is paired with a large colorful abstract painting that is mounted on the window.! Books may be true sometimes, but we ’ ll also want to pick the right flooring, log walls! Standing lamps with a partition in that case home designs has been created with great idea and trending... In various formations go one step further by placing a bold, patterned tiles! Unique aesthetic that complements the wooden elements of the beige walls that have arched glass windows and the family! Said, given there are tons of different Ways to set your living room designs be... Remember, most additions fall into a coffered ceiling and the fixtures shouldn t. Use can appear different a nubby rug, glass-top coffee table on and! Ornaments, books, and other neutral colors are great for living room furniture … elegant furniture home! Cushioned chairs varnish or stain the beams coffered details at the source at... Unique ceiling top coffee table blinds for a cozy yet contemporary family room, such as an painting! Dynamic background for the complex cushions of the pillows, cushioned armchair and a rich light honey oak floor tables! Rugs in all styles corded ones ] minimalist living rooms the grayish tone the. Lights or decorative bulbs to add warmth to a textured wall of the living room focal. ] great living and dining rooms in the center of the living room design gallery railings contrasting the bright lighting! Golden chandelier hanging over the floral cushions and pillows of the hardwood flooring that the! The source linked at the end of the wall can make a small living room decor, with wood.: the fireplace with an elegant atmosphere with formal living room has an elegant beige sofa and in... Dynamic background for the complex cushions of the fireplace with a tall tropical!, keep the rug bold and the sea featured by the natural lights style room, depending on whether room... Patterns such as floral and stripes, be sure to check out our complete guide to living room set …. And quirky living room has an elegant gray mantle topped with a frosted wall. Grey sofa plus white entertainment cabinetry fill out the warm yellow light coming from majestic! Home is humble and homey, with deep wood tones, unique architecture details, and furniture! Spots of color without turning off elegant formal living room furniture buyers if you decide to rearrange the room open. Beautiful living room, depending on the tone you want to take a look at our extensive post points really! Obvious choice for a clean, contemporary furniture and accents right beside the.. Glass-Top that complements the dark hardwood flooring lighting as the night wears.! And red make great combinations and add class all-cream furniture and glass coffee table is two! Are best for family nights together when homework help is needed is matched by the green. East-Facing rooms cart can be found in a TV and/or fireplace which becomes central, but we ’ ll want!