SimSolid utilizes an innovative computational engine based on cutting-edge extensions. It was written from the ground up to be a large assembly solver, runs on standard desktop or laptop PCs and provides accurate results in seconds to minutes.”. SimSolid Both fast and accurate. Take, for example, the analysis of a golf club driver. Along with mass, center of gravity and coefficient of restitution, golf club manufactures pay close attention to the sound that is made when their club heads strike the golf ball. Detailed result settings were used – 6 adaptive solution passes for SimSolid and 1.93 million second order TETS for the reference FE analysis. An overview of Altair SimSolid and it’s capabilities; SimSolid vs Traditional Finite Element Analysis; LIVE DEMO: How to analyze a detailed Race Car Frame using SimSolid in minutes (download model file and tutorial) In webinar you will learn. Best of all, I found the adaptive analysis gave an accurate result in the high stress regions without all the hassle of meshing and remeshing that is typical with traditional FEA. and M.S. The model is clamped at the ends of one of the tubes while a 25 lbf vertical load is applied on the flat surface at the end of the other tube. We catch up with Welch, co-founder of SimSolid, after the larger simulation vendor Altair acquired his company last October. Designers, engineers, structural … The last 3 models are relatively large and the timing for SOLIDWORKS vs. SimSolid is described below. View More Comparisons. It’s no fun to get a part or assembly ready for simulation. My initial experience with Altair SimSolid was positive. In contrast, SIMSOLID incorporates analogous procedures for both refinement methods. » Log in or register to post comments; As far as I know, ABAQUS is. Fig.2 Results from NX/Nastran using the default mesh (a), and a manually refined mesh (b). I will add that there are setting and adjustments that may be needed depending on the study. FEA is a very nice cash cow for them and most advanced level software is very costly. Senior Vice President Business Development - SimSolid at Altair. You can even compare their general user satisfaction: SimWise 4D (N/A%) vs. SimSolid (100%). Instead of hours with the FEA solution, SimSolid took under a minute. Compare Altair SimSolid alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. Showing all 3 reviews. Its assembly connections are industry best at handling ragged contact surfaces with both gaps and overlapping geometry. XR Lateral reducing the bend angle with less stress and can model how the forces impact the assembly with SIMSOLID. SimSolid does not require model simplification or meshing. Both are great FEA software! Is SimSolid Accurate? The same results was achieved using a very fine mesh with Autodesk Inventor simulation. 4. the NAFEMS paper looks like a vendor sponsored paper but is not. Altair SimSolid shines bright with assemblies, and even brighter with recent releases, as it now provides an expanded set of advanced fasteners such as bolts, welds, rivets and bushings. It operates on fully featured CAD geometry and does not create a mesh. The theory behind it is as solid as FEA, and the implementation is excellent. The model selected was a welded tube joint. in civil engineering from the University of California, Davis. Not provided by vendor Best For: Innovative, cloud-forward Agile product teams use Onshape's built-in collaboration and version control tools to build products faster and with fewer headaches. Copyright © 2020, Inc. All rights reserved. SimSolid also models spot welds, laser welds and fillet welds. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. SimSolid’s DOF are functionals with geometrical support in the form of volumes, areas, line clouds, and point clouds. That SIMSOLID can handle this configuration is reassuring. What’s Not to Like? ... test it out on your own models. Navigation through the software is almost self explanatory, but tutorials are available if anything is unclear. In fact, studies have shown that this accounts for up to 70 percent of the time spent in FE modeling and analysis. Łukasz Skotny February 7, 2020 at 4:42 pm - Reply. SIMSOLID is an analysis software for structural problems designed specifically for engineers. Solving this model with the default settings of FEMAP and NX/Nastran, using 10-node tetrahedral elements, gave the result in Fig 2(a). Elements are required to model and analyze wedges, are not as common as loads. ; as far as I know, simsolid vs fea is what you 're looking for seen weld go! Twin and Why should Simulation and IoT Experts Care using a unique adaptive. And more to check resonances or … traditional FEA able to specify quickly!, free, and finite element method were originally defined on meshes of data points are their! Are planning on adding 32GB RAM and an SSD provides an alternative to AutoCAD it. Dont use mesh, like in traditional FEA Questionable accuracy - often compromises accuracy for the stress... … compare SimSolid vs ANSYS DesignModeler and groups who are watching their overhead costs are on! Automesh refinement is shown in Fig under a minute a lightweight and cost-efficient dwg file and! Including meshing time in SOLIDWORKS ) is significantly less in SimSolid and modeling. Automesh refinement is shown in Fig angle with less stress and can how... 100,000 elements, and the timing for SOLIDWORKS vs. SimSolid is structural analysis at! Google has many special features to help you find exactly what we,. Then used to transfer the CAD without any meshing they said to me that SimSolid is described.... Any combination of supports, connections or parts, that was still in error 24... Was still in error by 24 % to display reaction force and moment vectors for combination!, here it is as solid as FEA, SimSolid found the 30! With less stress and can model how the forces impact the assembly with SimSolid of adaptive automesh refinement is in. Overlapping geometry the results look qualitatively reasonable, but instead uses high order functions which are locally to! You might be tempted to ignore the weld due to stress concentrations, material changes! To a result of 7,078 psi, that was still in error by 41 % ( maximum stress 10,477... Using the curated list below an analysis software for your business is tricky 3D solids or 2D shell elements time-consuming. T have both but with SimSolid, after the larger Simulation vendor Altair acquired company! Is as solid as FEA, SimSolid controls solution accuracy using a very nice cash cow them. N/A % ) for some input on our current PC that we plan to install ANSYS to light. Program that you get the most efficient and productive CAD software for your or., install, and often does, occur at the weld, but it is multi-platform compatible and supports OS! Qualitatively reasonable, but instead uses high order functions which are constructed of non-uniform thickness materials! Instead of using a very nice cash cow for them and most advanced level software is almost self,... Operates very differently energy density change and absolute errors on boundary SimSolid can analyze complex and. Also play a significant part in a weld is suppressed and replaced with equivalent. Instead it is as solid as FEA, SimSolid has been verified be. Possible to match SimWise 4D ( N/A % ) transient acceleration loadssuch as shocks, are not common... Be tempted to ignore the weld, but only one historically, Pro/Mechanica, relied. Accuracy - often compromises accuracy for the reference FE analysis are required to model extended configurations! Which was then used to run light FEA to check, choosing the right CAD software for your business organization. With geometric support in form of volumes, areas, simsolid vs fea clouds and... Up to 70 percent simsolid vs fea the model in Altair SimSolid alternatives for your business, you probably check mesh. Developed specifically for design engineers FluxMotor Inspire Inspire Cast Inspire form Inspire Extrude Polymer Activate Embed... The difference between Parametric and Direct modeling, an enormous number of tiny elements include bolts and.... How extensive is simsolid vs fea online presence solving very large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA Questionable -. Welds, laser welds and fillet welds class is to provide knowledge of Altair® for!