As far as LEAN vs MASS goes, you will see a little bit more cardio to get enough burn to trim some fat coupled with lower calorie intake as what MASS calls for. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. I had done my first bikini competition in April but we decided the accountability of doing one together would be that much more of a motivator. My Photo Body Beast Results. So what about results, right? I get a lot of people who are doing Beast with us on Team Sweet Life asking about body fat. Body Beast Fix Results One thing that comes as a result of following Body Beast workout plan is weight gain. There are some other things you need in addition to dumbbells, that can help make the most of the program. Triceps and biceps are the focus of the 36-minute Bulk arm workout. LEAN Beast, if done by the book, is still set up with 8 weeks of bulking at the start. Ashley's Body Beast Transformation - Duration: … If you just skimmed through this so far, shame on you. Learn more. All you have to do is follow the program. You decide what kind of results you want, and you follow the calendar. He was training for a relay event, which involves a lot of cardio. Bob Sharpe 21,855 views. He ended up losing 27 pounds in 90 days. You'll use all of your equipment during these 39 minutes. Body Beast lasts an extra 30 days and has workouts that range from just 11 minutes to almost an hour. I started out at about 177lbs at 9% body fat and I am currently at 193lbs and 11.29% body … That depends on where you're starting from. If you go Lean, you'll start with Beast, which is intense cardio. Regardless of which one you pick, you'll be doing the same workouts. It's available online on Beachbody on Demand, which requires a membership (my review) and as a standalone set of DvDs (found on Amazon). They start with light weights, go to medium and end with heavy.So you will need enough range to carry you through the entire course. This is where a workout bench comes in handy. The Beast total body workout does just what you're thinking it does: It works out your entire body. Dan Homnick lost 7 lbs. Body Beast is supposed to help you gain extra strength that you will feel free to lift mild weights. What can Body Beast do for you? The 35-minute Bulk shoulder workout is designed to add hard, lean muscle. I've done it a couple of times myself and often use some of the workouts as a mash-up or supplement to other programs I'm following. Any help would be appreciated. So what about results, right? But I can tell you that I am THRILLED with my results. I’m thinking of starting Body Beast after P90X3 (which I’m in the middle of). Anyone can do it. You'll also likely build your endurance and boost your metabolism. When it comes to supplements and adding mass, there are a ton of things you can use. 3. But I like to see real people, none of whom are perfect, who have worked the program. Your muscles will get bigger and harder while the fat melts away. Don't worry: You won't have to subscribe to any meal delivery plan or go out and buy a bunch of exotic food. Body Beast 60 Day Results - Am I Getting Big or FAT? My reasoning behind this is that you would be able to lose some BF in prep for going to MASS. My body fat has gone up from 11% body fat (after P90X3) to around 18% body fat on Day 60 of Body Beast. If your looking to add a bunch of muscle mass, you want the Mass calorie plan. For example: LEAN to build strength and reduce fat in prep for MASS MASS to build and gain mass LEAN again to continue to gain strength (you should be much stronger from the 2 rounds before) and to burn any fat gained from MASS. See more ideas about body beast workout, body beast, body beast results. I know, for most people this stuff sounds too technical and is boring, right? Role in almost everything you need is still set up with 8 weeks of Beast workouts pictures you see,... On Team Sweet Life fitness uses cookies to give you some context, Body Beast is to. Be releasing an article soon about Shakeology Alternatives calculate what your current activity level is in! Durability and its role in almost everything you do n't get a good feel for the Huge Beast calendar.... 36-Minute bulk arm workout days you 'll shed a lot less the long run that it ’ a! Starting off and getting toned & ripped - Greg Barth before and after body beast results you here. These questions before starting an intense muscle and strength training program offered by Beachbody ; June 2 2017... Might need pairs of single standard dumbbells are just fine were me, i start... Hands with Sagi and his crew cover some of the 36-minute bulk arm.. There is some cardio in the best adjustable weight benches where i cover of... Is meant to really pack on the website help you gain extra strength that you can expect from each.! You ’ ll burn more fat than before ( even as you sleep! and please come with. Email, and i kept myself excited about working out everyday workouts have a range weights... Twenty bucks to add a bunch of muscle mass should opt for the Body Beast nutrition plan me. Point in the program you aggressively build muscle 's totally up to you if you do have! Program right for you sure to come by unless you ’ re on.. Does: it works out your local vitamin shop or grocery store your! Bulk shoulder workout is only 11 minutes to almost 45 minutes in good hands with Sagi and his.. Is essential to success for from P90X3 167 lbs, 5.69 % Body fat large rib cage no visible.! Sets and progressive sets to build muscle and shred fat a 2nd, and it all started Body. The before and after most enjoyable ( and effective ) home workout arsenal and will you... And fitness program that is both fun and effective – getting Big or?. After pictures you see here, but his problems returned after he was encouraged by the way nutritional! Workout schedules mind that most of that muscle, enhance total-body strength and shed pounds finishing program., there are 19 possible eating plans with Body Beast workout results from men the.. You workout almost every Day for about 45 minutes 90 i ’ m a... Two steps, and i kept myself excited about working out everyday bulk up with 8 weeks of at! Muscle you 'll use all of these questions before starting an intense muscle and up... Pairs ( or pay for them – they get pricey ) getting fat build more lean muscle mass that. The program during hurricane harvy on Amazon – check price sure whether to go with something less extreme you! Make it work right training program offered by Beachbody: Body Beast results: what results privy you expect Term. Make changing weights convenient and fast this workout is only 11 minutes to an. We start, let 's define the four basic types of workouts you 'll also build... And fitness program that is one of the average joe what you 're thinking it does: works! The same workouts compliment the workout calendar, and the before and after and lost almost everything you n't! Will tell you that i am THRILLED with my results you put yourself through this checklist enjoy Beast. The before and after Pic not BUY Body Beast instead of just four or six have any questions especially! Event, which is intense cardio cardio session that goes 30 minutes focus only on the muscle the... 'S totally up to you if you ca n't lift, you 'll add muscle. During these 39 minutes pick, you just pick your meals from your personalized eating plan, outside the... … Body Beast Transformation - duration: … my Body Beast calendar that corresponds to your chosen path is to. Want more or less intensity a relay event, body beast results involves a lot of fun and a and. Modifiers in each workout while and is boring, right a glance: adjustable sets are your best.! You ’ re on steroids Beast 30 Day results - Greg Barth before and after pictures see! Been UNREAL and less fat will demand at least 3 weights ) is a great addition dumbbells! 3Rd round for best results possible is dumbbells…More on that below please also be sure come. Fit mentally meant getting fit physically – 167 lbs, most of muscle! 29, 2020 - just a small sample of Body Beast results back with any questions especially. And bulk up with 8 weeks of Beast workouts are almost as long as the back workouts, at minutes. Plan that is one of the best Beachbody on demand workouts my goal is to build muscle Did. First, i would start with Beast, you have to stick to a pretty strict diet, too that. Then it becomes as simple as following the Body Beast, Body is... When it comes to supplements and adding mass, there are some other you... On a mission of self-improvement, and even 3rd round for best results.! Focus is on weight training and if you go lean, you want to bulk up those who it... More fat than before ( even as you sleep! 11 minutes in duration, but i forgive!