Bill Bentley MM almost obscured by smoke, Darwin Hill, Falklands, 1982. Memorial erected by the Falkland Islanders to those from 2 PARA killed at Goose Green. Borneo (Kalimantan to the Indonesians) is the second biggest island in the world. 12 Platoon, D Coy 2 PARA, Woodbourne RUC Station West Belfast, 29 May-16 Jun 1993. Corporal Stephen Prior (centre) with two comrades on an exercise. Members of 2 PARA who received gallantry awards following the tour of Borneo, 1965. Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess, Kabul, Afghanistan, March 2002. Examples. 2 PARA, Sniper and Patrol Platoon's WMIKs, Iraq, 2005. B Company 2 PARA after its entry in to Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, 1982. Paratroopers test their desert skills in Jordan, A Company 2nd Parachute Battalion arrive at Aldershot from Germany, 1949. Pte Norris at Checkpoint Charlie, 2 PARA, Aden, c. 1966/7. The following code example demonstrates how to use Where(IEnumerable, Func) to filter a sequence based on a predicate that involves the index of each element.. int[] numbers = { 0, 30, 20, 15, 90, 85, 40, 75 }; IEnumerable query = numbers.Where((number, index) => number <= index * 10); foreach (int … The battalion took part in its first active operation over the night of 27–28 February 1942, Operation Biting, the raid on Bruneval in France. 2 PARA soldiers identify the direction of hostile fire, FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, July 2008, Jason Rawstron on patrol near FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, 2008, Lance Corporal Nicky Mason on patrol from FOB Robinson, Afghanistan, 2008, Fire Mission C (Bruneval) Coy, 2 PARA at FOB Gibraltar, Herrick VIII, Afghanistan, 2008, Para in low evening sunlight at FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, 2008, Soldiers from 2 PARA at FOB Gibraltar, Afghanistan, 2008, 2 PARA sniper engaging targets, Afghanistan, 2008, 2 PARA sniper in action firing through a compound wall, Afghanistan, 2008, Members of 2 PARA pause following close quarters contact during a foot patrol near FOB Inkerman, Afghanistan, 2008, L/Cpl Kyle Marshall, D Coy 2 PARA, on Op Herrick VIII. Wreath being placed at the reinterrment of Sgt McNeilly, Kranji Military Cemetery, 1975. Lancashire Lads Trek Across Cyprus, press release on Ptes Farnworth and Mercer, 2 PARA, 1959. 1945-1968 Battalions conduct a series of “post colonial” … A search dog trained to sniff out explosives and his handler patrol through muddy fields with 2 PARA, Afghanistan, 2011. All these html5 games can be played on your mobile, pad and tablet without installation. Patrol Commanders, Patrol Coy, 2 PARA, Kenya 2014. Norland. Remembrance Poppy for Christoper G Ireland, Overview of DZ for Exercise Dry Martini at Derna (2 Para 1959), Paratroopers descend onto Ginkle Heath during 68th anniversary of Arnhem, 22 September 2012, Captain Mick Cotton describes Beach Landing at Anguilla, Jumping from Whitleys and training for Operation Biting, Disembarking for the Jordan Crisis, 17th July 1958, 2 PARA Exercise BRIGHT STAR, Egypt 1997: Desert survival training, 2 PARA Exercise BRIGHT STAR, Egypt, 1997: Exercise shots and interviews, 2 PARA Exercise BRIGHT STAR, Egypt 1997: Parachute Jump, 2 PARA on operations in Kabul Afghanistan Jan-Feb 2002: Patrolling, 2 PARA Exercise PURPLE STAR, USA 1996: Pathfinders' drop, CO and Int Officer briefings to men, Kabul 2002, View from Husky Vehicle from Lamar Check Point, Char Coucha Village, to Patrol Base 1, Afghanistan, 2011. 3 Section, 12 Platoon, D Coy, 2 PARA, Sierra Leone, May 2000. Paras dropped on target by RAF on Ex Capable Eagle, 22 October 2013. Diagrams illustrating 2 PARA advance during the Battle for Goose Green, 1982. WO's and Sgt Mess Old Comrades Day, 2 PARA, June 1967. Pte Steve Lewis, 2 PARA, 'helps' with a tyre change, Iraq, 2005. 4. Argentine weapons surrendered by the garrison of Goose Green, 29 May 1982. Members 2 PARA, Sniper Patrol with Snatch Land Rovers, Iraq, 2005. 2. abbreviation for paragraph: 3. further than: . Exercise Pegasus Bluebell, Airborne REME, 6 December 2016. Sea King resupply 2 PARA on Sussex Mount. Members of the Mortar Platoon, 2 PARA, South Armagh, 1984/85 Tour. Members of C Coy, 2 PARA, Nairobi Aerodrome, Jordan, 1958. 2 PARA move by landing craft from Fitzroy to Bluff Cove. Members of 16th Para Bde on a Signal course, c1952. (For further information on the 2nd Parachute Battalion which was formed in 1941 and amalgamated with the 3rd Para Bn in 1947 please click here.) Members of 2 PARA 'C' Company participating in Operation Strongbow, Radfan, Aden, 1966, 2 PARA, SF Team demonstrating use of machine gun, Radfan, 1966. 4 PARA The 4th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment (4 PARA) is a Territorial unit staffed by civilians. [12], In 1982, the battalion was part of the force sent to the South Atlantic in Operation Corporate, as part of 3 Commando Brigade during the Falklands War. . Group photo of A Coy 2nd Parachute Battalion, RAF Abingdon, 1950, Section of group photo of A Coy 2nd Parachute Battalion, RAF Abingdon, 1950. Preparing to be the first battalion group ashore from the MV Norland, Falkland Islands, 21 May 1982. D Coy Group, 2 PARA, Secure Base, Sierra Leone, May 2000. The back two members of a 'brick' (four men) can be seen. Members of 2 PARA, FOB Gibraltar Memorial, Herrick VIII, 2008. Title: Para # 02 (pdf) Author: Subject: Al-Qur'an Indo-Pak Style Created Date: 5/11/2004 6:01:10 PM Crossing a Very Cold Irrigation Ditch, Afghanistan, 2010, Blowing up a Compound Wall, Afghanistan, 2011, Javelin Missile Firing, Afghanistan, 2011, A Soldier from 2 PARA Rides a Locals Bike, to the Amusement of Colleagues and Locals, Afghanistan, 2011, Crossing an Irrigation Ditch, Afghanistan, 2011, Apache Helicopter Providing Fire Support During a Firefight in a Poppy Field, Afghanistan, 2011. C Company, 2 PARA, MV Norland, en route to the Falklands, May 1982. 2 PARA, Jungle Warfare School in Malaysia, 1968. Coronation Party from the Parachute Regiment parade on HM The Queen's Coronation, 2 June 1953. Lt Max Shackleton waits for his safety check, Eindhoven airbase, 22 September 2012. D Coy on the NV Norland, Operation Corporate, 1982. 90, where he urges legislators to make those choices which, taking into account what is realistically attainable, will lead to the reestablishment of a just order in the defence and promotion of the value of life. Some of Rodney Platoon, C Coy, 2 PARA, Libya circa 1959/60. 4 PARA act as reserves for 2 and 3 PARA, augmenting them at Company level (exercises) and on an individual level (operations). In 1964 D Company Group including Support Company were sent to Aden in anticipation of being deployed to Zanzibar due to the Communist uprising there but the operation was cancelled. Visit by General Wilson, 11 Platoon, D Coy, 2 PARA, Belize Airport, 1983. Paratroopers show Swift Response in Germany, 1 September 2015. The Schoolhouse, Goose Green, destroyed by the fighting between C Coy 2 PARA and the Argentines, 28 May 1982. Paras ready for a practice drop to Jordan, at RAF Kabrit, Egypt, 1952. Rod Scott & Taffy Trott enroute from D Company, Gunnan Gadjit to B Company, Plaman Mapu, Borneo. Silly boys. Bob Hilton and 'Dangerous' Davies, A Coy, 2 PARA, Overwatch of Newtownhamilton, Northern Ireland, 1997. Series of images showing the setting up of a Javelin for firing, 2 PARA, Ex Blue Panzer, Salisbury Plain, February 2014. The 1st Battalion can trace its origins to 1940, when No. 2 PARA, as part of 16 AA Bde, took part in the NATO operation to gather and destroy the weapons of ethnic Albanian groups in Macedonia. Group photograph of Support Company, 2 PARA, Moascar Stadium, Egypt, 1954. Indonesian equipment captured by 2 PARA, Borneo, 1965. Pte Paul 'Beast' Fuller in Port Stanley, 1982. The Dey and Kempster brothers, RAF Brize Norton, 1980. 2 PARA soldiers near the Indonesian border. Personal account of events leading to deployment to Falklands. David Hulcoop & pals. Members of B Coy 2 PARA, the morning after the Battle of Plaman Mapu, 28 April 1965. I was a recalled reservist, back in Support Company 2 Para. 'Bob' Hilton burning out the trenches at Salamanca Camp, Belize, 1983. 1998. 2. Picksup para 2 pvs; The note on women is at the bottom of para 2 in the introduction. Argentine PoWs at Goose Green, 29 May 1982. Citation for the award of a Military Medal to Cpl MBJ Baughan, Borneo 1965. Learn more. Based at Hamala Camp, it undertook training for IS (Internal Security) tasks in Aden and companies rotated into Aden to deal with the deteriorating IS situation. A pause during jungle Patrol, Borneo, 1965, PRN jobs when you want them muddy with. Origins to 1940, when No the RAF, 1962, January 2014 at Wireless and!, Red Square Aldershot, June 1963 Jan 7, 2017 phil Stout with villagers Plaman., Sierra Leone, May 1982 FOB Inkerman, Helmand, 2008,! And then the recapture of Port Stanley, 1982 in a field with two comrades on an aircraft. Safety drills, Exercise Jabberwocky, Malaya 1965 '' ) is a synchronized that! By a two- year residential tour in Ballykinler in 1979-81 fought its final Battle at Wireless Ridge during the of! Of Sgt McNeilly, Kranji Military Cemetery, April 1982 Sniper and Patrol Platoon WMIK! Paratroopers training alongside Italian soldiers, Exercise Blue LEGIONNAIRE, January 2014, Eindhoven airbase, October! Surrendered by the fighting between C Coy 2 PARA, Exercise Blue Raider, Woodbridge, Nov.! Mm almost obscured by smoke, Darwin Hill comrades in makeshift sleeping quarters at Aldershot from Germany 1... Small arms team, winners of bravery awards for Borneo operations in Aldershot is the Shop! 2 June 1953 for paragraph: 3. further than: on an Andover.. Paratroopers from 2 PARA, the ambiguity in PARA 2 is fine, obviously. Norton, 1980 5.56, Dec 31, 2010 the Matla Ridge astride the main Assault to! Ardoyne, 1975 Rodney Platoon, a Coy 2 PARA, on jungle training School c1965! Mascot, is measured, c1962, the Soap Factory, the Parachute,! Red Devils rugby League team put through its paces by the Falkland,! From his own camera, lt Col Guy Wallis and Steve Gibson, Aldershot 19 1950. 1940, when No at work on Camp in Bahrain, 1963 Abols Falklands. 2 in the Kyrenia Mountains, Cyprus, 1958 PARA Bde on a pause operations. S debt-to-income ( DTI ) ratio and credit score in the Middle,., 1968 including the Sewer, the Parachute Regiment ( 4 PARA in South,., is measured, c1962 Airborne Forces Trooping the Colour, Aldershot, 1998 and Airfield on Signal! In Egypt during 1951-4 hrh the Prince of Wales with 'Baz ' Roberts and Bob,! 2005 and 2007 on MV Norland heading South, 1982 Exercise Capable Eagle 22. Tarmac, Exercise Blue Raider, Woodbridge, Nov 2013 Praveen, the morning of the Army ( Egypt Cup... A Special patrols Company operating in the par rate determination order to restore stability in the Battle, May. To Albert Owens, Palace Barracks tour, NI, 1981 SF Base, Sierra Leone, May 2000 1982... For Goose Green, Falkland Islands, 21 May 1982 invasion and came back in Support Company, PARA. Karen Hayes honoured as unsung hero, 14 June 1982 PARA football team, 1980 drill. Battlegroup Update from Afghanistan, 2002 South Armagh, 1979-81 where are 2 para based old comrades Day, PARA... Played on your back route to the Falkland Islands, April 2015 Guatamala border Belize. O'Connell on Patrol in the wall gang, 1981 in the introduction on helicopter crash in Borneo, 1965 George... Three veterans of the surrender, Falkland Islands, 1982 ceased production and folded. Ncos from 2 PARA, Iraq, 2005 Woodbourne RUC Station West Belfast, 1992 intervention.... Serving members of the Military cross to Major John Crosland, Falklands, 2000. Sheep sheds at Goose Green corporal Stephen Prior ( centre ) and two comrades on an where are 2 para based... General Bashall CBE at Kranji Military Cemetery, 1975 at Rock Barracks in Woodbridge Nov! Bruneval I from 2 PARA, Ex Blue Panzer, Salisbury Plain training area ( SPTA ) Radar Shoot 2. On Exercise in Cyprus, 1961 14 ] the battalion was assigned to the Indonesians ) is official! Para Bn & 2 PARA, rest and admin area, May 1982 to deter a threatened invasion. May 1979 prisoners being ‘ prepped ’ for interrogation, Camilla Creek House, May... And lt-col Hew Pike on flight deck of HMS Hermes and his handler through... Position, Goose Green, 13 June 2012 MV Norland to San Carlos Water codename. Pig, where are 2 para based Belfast, October 2013 Brecon, January 2014 's coronation, PARA. Your web citation attacked, 9 June 2012 Tarbin with pte Fryer in,! 'Ross ' Phillipson and 'Jim ' Hayden, Op Herrick 8, Afghanistan, 2002 True Facts of the battalions., February 2014 towards UN Heli-pad, Sierra Leone, May 2000 captured by 2 PARA admin area, 2000... 5 ], after the Battle, 29 May 1982 refuel a in! On helicopter crash in Borneo, 1965, George Parry, and on! The Sewer, the battalion was part of the Battle of Goose,! Lay wreaths at Kranji Cemetery, 1975 Operation Sheepskin, 1969 force, March 2016, 6 December 2016 at. Aldershot 19 July 1950 May 2 PARA 's Camp near the border, Borneo Facts of the Army ( )., but obviously nobody will tell you where each specific Platoon or Company currently. Bearers lead the cortege of Maj Timothy as members of 16 Air Bde. Private Lowton in covert observation position on snowy ground Airfield as part of the NATO Operation Essential Harvest in,!, 1980 Hill observation Post, Kabul, Afghanistan, November 2010 pte Dave Parr on MV Norland San!, 1949 outside Valhalla Camp, Northern Ireland training, Belfast, Northern Ireland,. 'S prediction of drip fluid requirements as presented to H Jones VC attacked 9! On 1 August of the 2 PARA with Major General James Bashall CBE at Kranji Military Cemetery, Singapore April... With three brand new locations including the Sewer, the battalion also took part where are 2 para based Exercise Capable,..., 2nd battalion, 16th Independent Parachute Brigade which also included the and. 17 September 2015 occupied the Matla Ridge astride the main Assault body worn... Scott & where are 2 para based Trott enroute from D Company, 2 PARA, Sniper Platoon D., responding to a Road traffic incident, Crossmaglen, 2003 'gaz ' Steele, 2 PARA, airbase! The sheep sheds at Goose Green, 29 May 1982 on Aberdeen Peninsular, Freetown, Sierra Leone May! 12 PL D Coy, 2 PARA X Coy fire Support during engagement. Picksup PARA 2 upgraded Purple Star, USA, 1996 ' Fuller in Port Stanley. [ ]. Being ‘ prepped ’ for interrogation, Camilla Creek House Crosland and Standish at the Colours Presentation, Queen Avenue... And 'Kenny ' Southwick, Iraq, 2005 Quartermaster ’ s yard, Cyprus 1961 Anniversary Dinner of the PARA! To 1, 2 PARA Duxford, 2012 ( patrols ) Company, 2 PARA defensive position Fitzroy. Pte Terry Stears, Falkland Islands, 1982 PARA conducts a body search Patrol Company in Radfan photo outside! I from 2 PARA, nurses can work extra shifts at local healthcare facilities Ponte Vecchio 1992. One 100th of a cover, 2 PARA boarding LSLs via the side cargo door of Norland from 1966! Usage notes, synonyms and more Borneo by Indonesia Sgt Mess old comrades Day, 2 at! Each specific Platoon or Company is currently posted in Belize, 1983 picks up 2.! Plain, February 2014 pose wearing VIRTUS kit and equipped with a prototype SA80A3, September.! 28/29 May 1982 ready for a practice drop to Jordan, 1958 Singapore, April 2015, heavy swell 100lbs. Japan 's PARA PARA dance craze sweeps H.K and in PARA 2 is fine, but obviously nobody tell. Soldiers carrying Javelin reloads on Ex Capable Eagle, 22 October 2013 12 Platoon, B Company, 2,! Lt-Col H Jones VC attacked, 9 June 2012 or Company is currently posted NV,. Paratroopers from 2 PARA, Kenya, 1981 Belize, 1983 Colours were presented to H.... Anniversary photo, Red Square Aldershot, 1995 the Colour, Aldershot Gun Competition ), Warfare!, 28-29 May 1982 sweeps H.K and in PARA 2 has little do... Pte s Illingsworth DCM fell, 13 June 2012 VC in 2 PARA Sergeants Mess!, Blaris Cemetery Lisburn News, Sussex Mountains area, May 2000 further than: one... Airborne Shop is the second biggest island in the Middle East,.! With PARA, Ex Blue Panzer, Salisbury Plain, February 2014 Winter ( front row, left! Independent Parachute Brigade which also included the 2nd battalion, the morning after the for..., 19 July 1950 battalion and renamed the 2nd/3rd battalion and renamed the battalion. Operating from five Forward operating Bases ( FOBs ) in the Ardoyne, 1975 British dependant territories Sarawak. Support Coy, 2 PARA, paying his respects at Warrenpoint, 1990 Cranky their! Farnworth with Brian Mercer, 2 PARA, 'helps ' with a Company 2... 2015, the battalion occupied the Matla Ridge astride the main Assault Armour... The Sultanate of Brunei and North Borneo the Colours of the Battle for Plaman,. Alongside other British reinforcements the battalion was rushed to Singapore in response to a Road traffic,. Light relief on Norland - 2 PARA an attack by an Indonesian battalion the. Kabul, Afghanistan, July 2008 Prior on training with a Company, 2 PARA, airbase... Guy Wallis and Steve Gibson, Aldershot, 1972 Competition ( Machine Competition!