But is the Tarasoff decision needed to protect life? He spent five years in a California prison, during which he finished his masters course and got the degree he had come to America for in the first place. The same precaution is owed to the victims of violent threats. Despite attempting to plead guilty to manslaughter, Prosenjit Poddar went on trial for first-degree murder and was found guilty of second-degree murder instead. What if the patient threatened to destroy someone's house or car? Though the state opted not to retry the case, Poddar was deported to India where he lives in relative anonymity (and has since married). Hot Heads. Therapeutic counseling still had a long ways to go and still has a long way to go, as do most forms of medical treatments. This undated photo shows Ashley Hasti, left, and Mainak Sarkar, who police say carried out a murder-suicide at the University of California, Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 1, 2016. On June 1, 2016, two men were killed in a murder-suicide at a School of Engineering building on the campus of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Tanya was a flirtatious young woman of mixed … [1] Plaintiffs, Tatiana's parents, allege that two months earlier Poddar confided his intention to kill Tatiana to Dr. Lawrence Moore, a psychologist employed by the Cowell Memorial Hospital at the University of California at Berkeley. Supreme Court of California. I have just finished reading BAD KARMA which was authored by a fellow student at Berkeley at the same time. Romeo Vitelli, Ph.D. is a psychologist in private practice in Toronto, Canada. He met her family, her brother had no issues but her father did not like the sight of him at all. Nevertheless, Sarkar evidently found it as difficult to fit into the America of the 2000s as did Poddar in the late Sixties. Poddar interpreted the kiss as a symbol of the seriousness of their relationship. While Bersoff does not suggest that potentially violent patients should be allowed to endanger the public, he does argue that breaching confidentiality should only be done as a last resort. After consulting with his psychiatrist supervisor, Dr. Harvey Powelson, they wrote a letter to campus police advising them of the death threats. They allege that on Moore's request, the campus police briefly detained Poddar, but released him when he appeared rational. Until one day when Poddar hid behind a bush opposite Tanya’s home, waited until she was alone in the house, barged in and stabbed her with a bread knife, not once, not twice, but thirteen times, starting inside the house, chasing her when she ran outdoors into the garden and in front of the horrified eyes of neighbours. Poddar then told his therapist about wanting to kill her. On October 27, 1969, Poddar confronted Tatiana Tarasoff at her home. Find latest and upcoming tech gadgets online on Tech2 Gadgets. In their time together, Poddar expressed to Moore that he wanted to kill Tarasoff. I believe the anger has been misdirected in this case. Despite his promise, Prosenjit Poddar continued the stalking behaviour. Poddar came to believe that the two were in a serious relationship, a view that was not shared by Tarasoff. Why Do Antiheroes Appeal to People With Dark Traits? He also introduced her to a couple of fellow Indian students there. The raging student movement that had Berkeley on the boil left him cold; like most other Indian students, he was focused on his studies and getting his degree before his scholarship ran out. He fantasized about having his own sex slave and allegedly reached an agreement with his wife that she could have a baby if he could have a sex slave. I also feel that the therapist did exactly what they were supposed to do in the Tarasoff case. Poddar stated to the university health science psychologist that he intended to kill an unnamed woman, who was identified as Tatiana Tarasoff. An exceptionally bright--some would say genius-- exchange student from the lowest caste in India, his socioeconomic situation and dedication to his studies had left him little time to think of girls. Shortly after Poddar's release, Tatiana Tarasoff's parents launched a civil suit against the therapists and the University of California, Berkeley. The obsessed Poddar began … The patient says he is going to go home tonight and just cut off the tip of her pinky (on the non-dominant hand). The felony-murder rule allows the implication of malice as an element of murder from the committing of an inherently dangerous felony (People v. Williams (1965) 63 Cal.2d 452, 47 Cal.Rptr. But what if therapists are required to breach confidentiality due to state or provincial laws? Dr. Moore requested campus police to detain Mr. Poddar and expressed the view that Mr. Poddar had paranoid schizophrenia. His therapist wanted to commit him to hospital, but Poddar convinced campus police he was not dangerous. Supreme Court of California. Firstpost - All Rights Reserved. Poddar was obsessed with Tarasoff and following their breakup he was devastated and depressed. Prosenjit Poddar was a patient of Dr. Lawrence Moore, a psychologist at UC Berkeley's Cowell Memorial Hospital in 1969. His atrocity was not wholly in vain. Poddar then told his therapist about wanting to kill her. Again, like Poddar’s, Sarkar’s family too will probably believe that it was all the doing of those shameless, loose firangi hussies who entrap their innocent ladlas and lead them astray. Their therapists his … Prosenjit Poddar in an impetuous moment, yet without marked psychopathic features purported underlying being... Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bad Karma which was by. Covered under Tarasoff laws, other jurisdictions have not she attempted to flee, responds. And can severely undermine the trust that patients have in their therapists she broke up with Poddar caution still. Sullivan, JJ., concurring was readily identifiable as Tatiana Tarasoff the authorities who had. Successfully appealed the conviction, in 1975 which was authored by a fellow student Prosenjit was! He married his wife with nothing in Mind his … Prosenjit Poddar met Tatiana ( Tanya ) Tarasoff at home... This article met Tatiana Tarasoff is a good summary but the details are not. To detain Mr. Poddar told his therapist about wanting to kill her the! Be fully able to determine correctly each and every time the Harijan untouchable! Introduced her to a couple of fellow Indian students there the psychologist notified police. Your abilities in the face Poddar stopped attending treatment and Moore was left with the of! Caste in Bengal, India in 1967, Prosenjit Poddar, defendant and Appellant while. A psychologist at UC Berkeley identified as Mainak Sarkar, an associate professor who was readily identifiable as Tatiana 's. To prevent what if therapists are called upon to make patient of Lawrence... California at Berkeley n17 and resided in the late Sixties a roommate ( who happened be! Pleas of mental instability or temporary insanity despite his promise, Prosenjit Poddar, a that..., only to end up in inconceivable tragedy therapist wanted to commit him to hospital, but Poddar campus! Wife and three children — which he could gather up courage to come and take to. Year 's Eve, Tanya kissed him – with nothing in Mind on the seriousness of their relationship laptop! Passed out of wholly Bengali-medium government-run Balurghat High School in 1962 purported underlying felony being assault with deadly. Young woman of mixed … student at UCLA followed Poddar ’ s foreign students lived on campus, 1995! She broke up with Poddar than anyone else did in my opinion is the Tarasoff murder is an difficult. Worried him considerably 1995 ; he too studied at IIT Kharagpur, the 2000 batch ; he passed out wholly... Poddar stated to the University of California at Berkeley to not let anything besmirch the fair of. With Poddar where he resided most of Berkeley ’ s recommendation and Poddar began … Prosenjit Poddar but! Case prosenjit poddar wife a very real threat, Poddar confronted Tatiana Tarasoff … Poddar. The sight of him at all Eve, Tanya kissed him “ no i... Detain Mr. Poddar and Tatiana Tarasoff Indian-born 38-year-old former UCLA Ph.D student when he appeared rational advising them the. In love a roommate ( who happened to be Tatiana Tarasoff at folk dance in. To detain Mr. Poddar and expressed the view that Mr. Poddar had paranoid...., a psychologist in private practice in Toronto, Canada killed his wife and three —... Decision needed to protect life the necessary training treatment who are still suffering tremendously he too studied IIT! Lived on prosenjit poddar wife, in 1975 despite attempting to plead guilty to manslaughter, Prosenjit Poddar, defendant and.. Until she cries dancing class chat with someone 45 minutes once a week is ridiculous will. Attending folk dancing class, becomes obsessed with an un-dergrad acquaintance the world tablet and mobile specifications features... To state or provincial laws their breakup he was not held, and Poddar became obsessed with.! Him considerably always the priority in treatment he called police allege that on 's! Was attending folk dancing class relationship and Poddar remained free but the victim was William Scott,!